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Some of what we do Bellow:


Travertine Pavers

Travertine colors are warm earthy tones. From the softest ivories to the palest creams and rich shades of golden honey and silvery greens to deep mocha browns.

It never appears as one solid color. The color tones vary and veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone. No two stones or tiles are alike.

Travertine in full sun, remains cooler than many other stone types. The stone’s natural beauty coupled with its ability to remain cool makes this stone a preferred choice for pool deck and recreational “bare foot” area applications.

Travertine is generally available in “French or Roman pattern”. The pattern is a mix of sizes to create a randomized appearance.


Pergolas & Gazebos

Enjoy your time outdoors, no matter what the sun and weather is up to.

Our Aluminum pergolas are light, strong and made to last.


Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers come in interlocking and standard designs and can be laid on top of concrete or on a sand base. The intricacy of paver pattern is up to the owner, which means simple designs are an economic way to do it yourself. No matter the design, concrete pavers make a statement that will have your neighbors envious.

Beyond beauty, concrete pavers are a high-strength, low maintenance option. Pavers are made in molds that pack the aggregate mix extremely tight to create a sturdier surface than poured concrete. Because pavers are individual units, the natural joints between each paver will “give” with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and concrete pavement.

Concrete pavers are one of the most inexpensive footing materials to maintain with a 30+ year life expectancy. In the unlikely event that a paver does crack or break, replacing the paver is as simple as pulling out the damaged section and slipping in a new.

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Artifical Turf

Unlike traditional grass, artificial grass products use recycled and sustainable products, while using less of the earth's natural resources. Synthetic grass surfaces allow you to conserve water, while eliminating often–toxic fertilizers, and pesticides.

We have a lot of different options.

Pets, Golf, Playground and many others.

Kitchen Frame 1.jpg

Outdoor Kitchen Aluminum Frame

With us, you can rest assured we’re using mold-proof cement boards, rust-proof coatings, and aluminum structures. Our Outdoor Kitchens are made with aluminum frame and cement board combined with our Stainless Steel appliances all made to resist in the Florida weather. Over the cement board we can install natural stone, tiles ,stucco and many other options.


Fire Pit & Fire Place

Create an outdoor living space that is truly unique to your needs and desires with the addition of an outdoor gas or wood-burning fireplace. This addition can help create a warm and cozy environment your family and friends will enjoy.

If you aren’t sure how to make that happen, our staff can help you find the patio fireplace or outdoor fireplace that’s perfect for your property.

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